Vivian Hackbart - The precious Genetta

Name: Vivian Hackbart

Redes sociales:

Country: Brazil

Title: The precious Genetta
Specie: Genetta genetta

Description: Species of the genus Genetta are carnivorous mammals found in Africa and Southern Europe that have soft, dense fur, gray or yellowish in colour with black or brown spots and a long, ringed tail. They are very adaptable animals, managing to survive in cold climates, such as southern Europe, as well as the hot savannah of Africa. These animals are nocturnal, spending their days sleeping in trees, caves, or any type of shelter that protects them. It is an agile and flexible climbing species and an excellent hunter. It is believed to have been introduced in Europe by man, unintentionally as a simple stowaway on some boat. Some authors point out that in ancient Rome, these animals were considered mascots before domestic cats were imported from Egypt.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Watercolor and Digital
Size: 3508 x 2481
Year: 2021