WENG YI-WEN - Six Growth Forms of Anguilla japonica


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Country: Taipei, Taiwan

Title: Six Growth Forms of Anguilla japonica
Specie: Anguilla japonica

Description: 1.egg-stage: Fertilized eggs of cultured eels
2.egg-stage: Fertilized eggs of natural eel
3.Fertilized eggs before hatching
4. leptocephalus:At this time, the body is flat and transparent, as thin as willow leaves, floating in the ocean.
5.glass eel:When approaching coastal waters, the body changes from a willow leaf to a streamlined glass eel, reducing drag to escape strong currents.
6.elvers:When entering the estuary waters, melanin begins to appear, but it also forms the capture source of eel fry in aquaculture.
7.yellow eel:During the growth of the river, the belly of the fish is yellow.
8.silver eel:At maturity, the fish turns into a silvery-white color similar to that of deep-sea fish, with enlarged eyes and widened pectoral fins to accommodate migration to the deep sea to spawn.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Painting
Size: A4
Year: 2022