Xinyi Zhou - Vernon

Name: Xinyi Zhou

Redes sociales:

Country: China 

Title: Vernon
Specie: Pan paniscus

Description: The Bonobo (Pan paniscus) shares 98% of human DNA and is our closest living relative. They are most commonly found near the Congo River, living in swamp forests. Due to human expansion and habitat destruction, the Bonobo has been characterized as "Endangered."

The Bonobo depicted was Vernon, a 50-year-old male silverback at the Cincinnati Zoo. He was sitting by the window, staring out, and pondering, while his offsprings and mates were playing in the background. His gaze was peaceful and so human-like, which immediately attracted me.

Unfortunately, Vernon passed away just before his 51st birthday in December 2021 as the oldest mammal in the zoo. I hope this illustration commemorates his 19 offsprings and legacy he left for the zoo.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Colored pencils, gelly roll pen
Size: 36cm x 48cm
Year: 2022