HO THI NHU THUY - Ninja slug

Nombre y apellidos: HO THI NHU THUY

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País: Việt Nam

Título: Ninja slug - Ibycus Rachelae

Descripción: Ninja slug scientific name is Ibycus Rachelae discovered in the forest on the mountain Kinabalu (Malaysia).
Ibycus Rachelae is a semi-slugs in the family Helicarionidae. It has a dazzling green body, with a yellow line running down the top of its tail. The shell is golden brown with 1.5 twists. A tail that's three times the length of its head which it wraps around body. Instead of naming this as Ibycus Felis because of the habit of curling its tail like a sleeping cat, it's called Rachelae.
What is most interesting of Ninja slugs is their unusual breeding ritual. The males of these slugs like to fire hard harpoons like darts made of Calcium Carbonate (Love Darts) the skin and create a hormone in the female increase in the rate of successful mating.

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