Judit Aranyos - Murciélago de orejas grises

Judit Aranyos 

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Country: Hungary

Title: Murciélago de orejas grises - Plecotus Austriacus / Grey Long-eared bat

Description: The structure of the grey long eared bat's skull: the forehead area is weakly rising. The brain case is rounded and does not have sharp ridges, and its wall often has a holey structure. The eardrum is remarkably large. The lacrimal opening opens in the eye socket. The palatal bridge behind the dentition is relatively long, at the end the margo liber is curved without interruption. On the jaw, the edge is bent.

A mother carrying her pup: at higher temperatures the colonies break up and hang in small groups separated from each other. Usually one young is born at the end of June (each year). Mating can take place as early as July; unlike the brown long-eared bat, spring mating is not known. The pups are suckled by their mothers until they are old enough to fly and forage.
Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Dotwork with pigment liner
Artificial intelligence: No
Size: 29.7 x 42 cm
Year: 2023