Marta Zunino - Mediterranean Jellyfish

Nombre y apellidos: Marta Zunino

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País: Italia

Título: Mediterranean Jellyfish - Pelagia Noctiluca; Cothyloriza Tubercolata; Phylloriza Punctata; Chrysaora Hysoscella; Rhyzostoma Pulmo, Aurelia Aurita; Velella Velella; Cassiopea Andromeda

Descripción: Jellyfish are fascinating creatures: they are older than most of other life forms on earth. They have no eyes, no visible organs, and they cannot consciously move: yet they can resist to most of environmental changes.
People are usually scared by jellyfish, because of the urticant capacity of certain species: so a lot of them are killed each summer by terrified bathers, also those among them absolutely harmless. For example you can swim in the middle of Velella Velella banks without fear: this is a small jellyfish also known as "saint Peter's boat" which every spring reach Italy coasts to die.
Due to the Suez channel and sea heating, in the last years allochthonous species of jellyfish arrived to Mediterranean, coming from Pacific Ocean.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista
Técnica: Watercolors and ink on paper
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño del original: 33×24 cm
Año: 2022