Ruvini De Alwis - Bison in habitat

Nombre y apellidos: Ruvini De Alwis

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País: UK

Título: Bison in habitat - Bison bison bison

Descripción: This is a illustrative natural painting of plains bison in their habitats. It is depicting two adult bison with a calf in the foreground. Smaller bison can be seen to the right and above left in the types of habitat they inhabit – such as prairie (in bloom) and on grassland near to conifer woodlands/forest. Plains bison are found throughout North America and there are many small herds in different States. The illustrative painting shows some of the places they live such as South Dakota and Wyoming. There is a lot of colour in this painting showing grass and flowers in summer along with bison which come in all different shapes and sizes and every bison is unique and have there own characteristics and this painting is trying to portray that in a colourful way.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista
Técnica: Watercolour
Inteligencia artificial: No none
Tamaño del original: 2252 x 3021 pixels
Año: 2023