Andrey Tomilenko - Brock's yellow-eared bat (Vampyriscus brocki)

Nombre y apellidos: Andrey Tomilenko

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País: Russia

Título: Brock's yellow-eared bat (Vampyriscus brocki) - Vampyriscus brocki

Descripción: Brock's yellow-eared bat (Vampyriscus brocki) is Phyllostomidae family's leaf-nosed bat species. This bat lives in evergreen forest of Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Peru.
Despite it's terrifying appearance and name, it eats mostly fruit.
New World leaf-nosed bats (Phyllostomidae) have an elaborate outgrowth of skin on their noses, called a nose-leaf, which is believed to aid in echolocation. It is believed that nose-leaf increases the echo signals strength returning from objects of interest. This bat emits ultrasound calls from nostrils. Nose-leaf focuses the energy emitted in the frontal direction. Thus, the echo from objects in the focal area is stronger than from objects in the periphery which are noise.

Categoría: Nature illustration

Técnica: Acrylic paints, paper
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño: 30×40 cm
Año: 2022