Athicha Srichawla - The Peach Face Love Bird

Nombre y apellidos: Athicha Srichawla 

Redes sociales: Instagram: @aatma_srichawla

País: Thailand 

Título: The Peach Face Love Bird - Peach Face Love Bird

Descripción: The Peach Faced LoveBird or known as the Rosy Faced LoveBird is a bird species originated from the southwestern part of Africa. With a small size of 17-18cm the Peach Faced holds a trait of always being fun to be around. The Diet of this type of bird is usually to have either fruits or vegetables, they are also really diet sensitive so they would need a really nutritious diet. Due to its small and compact size people tend to have them as a pet in condos, it is easy to raise but the downside is that they live better as a pair, and since they always need someone to keep them company, that is how they got their names of being lovebirds.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Digital Drawing
Inteligencia artificial: No
Tamaño: 210 x 297mm (A4)
Año: 2022