Dinara Sabirova - Steatornis caripensis

Name and surname: Dinara Sabirova

Social media: https://instagram.com/dinara__sabirova?igshid=Mzc1MmZhNjY=

Country: Russia 

Title: Steatornis caripensis - Steatornis caripensis

Description: Steatornis caripensis is a large bird species found in the northern part of South America. The plumage is chestnut-brown with white spots expressed on the upper wing coverts. The bird has a flattened and strongly curved beak. Near the beak there are long and stiff rictal bristles of chestnut color. Bristles can help in finding prey, navigating in darkened areas, as well as collecting information during flight or handling prey. Oilbirds are nocturnal and inhabit caves. Guacharo use special vision capable of catching more light in dark places, as well as echolocation. Echolocation is expressed in a series of sharp clicks, piercing screams and hoarse screams.
(A): Side view of the beak
(B): Front view of the beak

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: Graphite pencil, colour pencils
Artificial intelligence: No
Size: 2583/3721
Year: 2023