Elena Vladimirova - MS

Name and surname: Elena Vladimirova

Social media: @lenavldm

Country: Thailand 

Title: MS - Loris

Description: Within this art work, I chose to paint a naturalist illustration of a Loris.
These fragile and harmless animals have been separated from their families and exploited in Thailand for money, they were used as photograph props for tourist attractions. They were not seen as living beings but rather stuffed toys to play with.

In this composition I chose to display the Loris in its natural environment, complimented by yellow and purple flowers. The yellow flower is symbolic for hope for the Loris's future,but the Purple flower is symbolic for grief and pain of the little animal and its destiny. I dont want these animals to be forgotten, even when they are mixed up with a variety of other animals.

For me The Loris represents, the inhuman and selfish nature of men kind.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: digital art
Artificial intelligence: No
Size: 210 * 297 mm
Year: 2023