Gwyn Lewis - Leucistic Sauropelta

Nombre y apellidos: Gwyn Lewis


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País: United States 

Título: Leucistic Sauropelta - Sauropelta edwardsorum

Descripción: Leucism (called pied) is a form of albinism that occurs in reptiles, birds, and mammals. Leucistic animals have normal colored eyes but patches of reduced or absent melanin. It would be reasonable to assume that genetic color variations we see today would have been present throughout the history of life on earth. It is a genetic abnormality and animals that have it are both rare and vulnerable to predation because of their increased visibility. I included some scarring on the keratin head plates to show such an encounter.

Categoría: Nature illustration

Técnica: Watercolor and homemade botanical inks
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño: 42×56 cm
Año: 2022