Hanna Buch - Kupczyk - The Blue eyed horse

Nombre y apellidos: Hanna Buch – Kupczyk

Web: www.wydawnictwonaniby.weebly.com

Redes sociales: www.instagram.com/haniabuchpisze

País: Poland 

Título: The Blue eyed horse - Equine eye

Descripción: As an equine veterinarian I found equine eye the most beautiful nad unique body structure in all Animal Kingdom. When I look into horses eye I have that feeling I can see entire different planet. Corpora nigra and iris reminds me strange, wild land. Pupilla looks like big lake in the middle. It inspires my imagination and constantly astonishes me. In my original artwork you can see even visual nerve's disc ( it is 300 dpi) and all folds of iris. I chose blue eye because it is most peculiar for me. Even equine opthalmic pathologies have really poetic names. For example „ moon blindness". That come to conclusion: equine eye is perfect combination of biology and art.

Categoría: No

Técnica: Digital painting
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño: 57,1 cm x 38 cm
Año: 2022