Isaree Chatdokmaiprai - The Hidden Beauty Under Water

Name and surname: Isaree Chatdokmaiprai

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Country: Thailand

Title: The Hidden Beauty Under Water - Nudy Branch

Description: Nudy Brand is a sea animal which lots of people do not know about it's existence. During my experience of a night scuba diving, I used flash light to shed and find beautiful things under the socean. In science theory, we can not actually see the real color of things or lives except using flash light due to the depth level under the sea. In this naturalist illustration nostalgic me back to that night I was diving, finding the true hidden beauty under the water, real color of a Nudy brand. During the process of exploring, reseaching, sketching, and drawing, I enjoy every moment of learning new things in both environment and myself. Moreover, showing the world how beautiful the world under the sea is. Not only an enormous giant whale, or shark, but a little lives also, like Nudy branch.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Illustration
Artificial intelligence: No 
Size: 3508×2480 px
Year: 2022