Kamolphisuth Phumrueangnam - Chinchilla in sand and mountain

Nombre y apellidos: Kamolphisuth Phumrueangnam

Redes sociales: bbxxplxx

País: Thailand

Título: Chinchilla in sand and mountain - Chinchilla

Descripción: In this work I use the technique of digital drawing. I do it in realistic way. I choose it's post of Chinchilla sit on the sand floor, and I draw the Chinchilla's habitat. On the chinchilla fur, I use airbrush to pain the fur and make it realistic by using the white, gray and black, which is the signature colors of the Chinchilla. Most of the technique in this artwork are using digital drawing technique and airbrushing technique. The reason that I choose Chinchilla is because I think Chinchilla is one of an interesting animal in the world, it looks like the combination of squirrel and mouse, and Chinchilla looks cute.

Categoría: No

Tecnica: Digital Drawing
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Año: 2023