Kanyakorn Suthunya - Hippopotamus Skull

Name and surname: Kanyakorn Suthunya

Social media: https://instagram.com/knykrnsty?igshid=ZjE2NGZiNDQ=

Country: Thailand

Title: Hippopotamus Skull - Hippopotamus Amphibius

Description: Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), or in short, hippo, is a herbivorous mammal and one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. What fascinates me the most about the hippopotamus is its skull. They are massive. Hippo's skull evolves, by design, to live a semi-aquatic lifestyle: eyes, nose, and ears are put on the top of the skull allowing them to see, smell, and hear while their whole body is submerged in water. Their teeth are not only for grinding grasses, but the huge sharp canine, are for fighting predators or other hippos. Moreover, hippos also have robust jaws that allow them to open as wide as possible up to 180 degrees and their bite force can split a human body in half if they want to.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital
Artificial intelligence: Nature illustration 
Size: 29.7 x 20.9 cm
Year: 2023