Khemikar Sriwichian - Orchids

Name and surname: Khemikar Sriwichian

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Country: Thailand 

Title: Orchids - Orchids plants

Description: The family Orchidaceae, which includes a wide variety of flowering plants with frequently vibrant and fragrant blossoms, includes orchids as members. The Orchidaceae is one of the two biggest families of flowering plants, along with the Asteraceae. The delicate, exotic, and graceful orchid, the most prized of decorative plants, is a symbol of love, luxury, beauty, and strength. In antiquity, orchids were connected to virility in Greece. Orchids are symbolic of fertility, refinement, wisdom, and innocence in China. Also said to bring luck and success, orchids. They are renowned for soothing the mind and raising energy levels due to their pleasant aroma and vibrant appearance. Experts actually recommend placing them in areas like the kitchen or living room where you are likely to entertain.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital Drawing
Artificial intelligence: Procreate
Size: 87.5cm x 123.8cm
Year: 2022