Maria Elena Ferrari - The Season of Love

Nombre y apellidos: Maria Elena Ferrari


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País: Italia

Título: The Season of Love - Capra ibex

Descripción: I wanted to illustrate how for the Ibex the mating season is not the classic spring but winter; so in June when the babies are born, they will find the best nourishment for them on the mountain pastures. I wonder how climate change will affect these delicate balances on which Alpine (and other) biodiversity depends! Males challenge each other with their long, heavy horns, ibex do not defend a territory but simply follow the harem of feeding females, which is why they challenge each other. The horns of the adult males (the females and the juveniles have smaller horns) are very heavy and when they rest the manchi have the need to unload the weight by placing them on the ground, assuming strange postures.
In winter, the coat of the Ibex is dark and will change it during the summer.

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Gouache and watercolors
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño: 60×24 cm
Año: 2022