Núria Peñuelas Peñarroya - Coloring the brain

Nombre y apellidos: Núria Peñuelas Peñarroya

Web: https://www.vallhebron.com/es/profesionales/nuria-penuelas-penarroya

Redes sociales: https://twitter.com/NuriaPenuelas

País: Spain 

Título: Coloring the brain - Neuromelanin

Descripción: Neuromelanin, the dark brown pigment illustrated in the drawing, progressively accumulates in the neuronal cytoplasm with age in all human beings. This pigment is uniquely abundant in the human brain, while other animal species remain devoid of this pigment throughout life. Since commonly used animal species for experimental research lack neuromelanin, it is difficult for the scientific community to understand its relevance in the human aging process and in certain human pathologies that arise specifically from the loss of these pigmented neurons, like Parkinson's disease. Our research group has recently developed for the first time an in vivo model that reproduces the temporal and spatial pattern of human brain-wide pigmentation.

Categoría: No

Técnica: Watercolor
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño: 40x40cm
Año: 2022