Patchaploy Tatiyamaneekul - The Siberian Tiger

Name and surname: Patchaploy Tatiyamaneekul

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Country: Thailand

Title: The Siberian Tiger - Tiger

Description: The Siberian tiger (male) or scientific name is Panthera Tigris Altaica is one type of carnivore from native to regions of Russia. The Siberian tiger may be the world's largest cat. They are powerful hunters that can travel many miles to find prey. It is a mammal which is nearly extinct. The size relates to 6th of human or 10.75 feets. Tiger is related to the cat species, but it is stronger. There is one of my favorite animals that is kind and gentle. Siberian tigers have longer hind legs than forelegs which allows them to leap forward up 10 meters. The skull is perfectly designed to fit the sharp canine teeth.

Category: Scientific illustration

Technique: digital drawing
Artificial intelligence: No no
Size: 21×29.7
Year: 2023