Paula Sofia Antunes Constantino Vaz - Collateral effects

Name and surname: Paula Sofia Antunes Constantino Vaz

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Country: Portugal 

Title: Collateral effects - Cegonha branca (Ciconia Ciconia)

Description: The white stork is recognizable by its long neck and legs, its white and black hue and its characteristic red beak. It's a very associated bird with humanized means. Its observation seems to be quite easy, especially during the spring when they roam the nests. Most birds are migratory, however there is a contingent in Portugal with permanent residence. According to studies, this bird has found an infallible strategy to thrive: it frequents dumps and landfills in search of food. The fact that storks build their nests close to the places where they feed, starts reproduction earlier, which contributed to the increase of the species.
However, if there are advantages, there are also major drawbacks in the garbage produced by Man, leading to fatal cases of entanglement and plastic ingestion. Unfortunately, as highlighted by UNEP, «wings do not help birds to escape this lethal threat».

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Colored pencils and watercolors on Canson fine grain paper 180g / m2
Artificial intelligence: No 
Size: A3
Year: 2022