Punyapa Titichoatrattana - Shiba Inu

Nombre y apellidos: Punyapa Titichoatrattana

Redes sociales: https://twitter.com/18julyboy_

País: Thailand 

Título: Shiba Inu - Shiba (dog) and skull

Descripción: The shading illustrates the depth of the subject. The skull of the Shiba appears as flat and the cheek parts stop with furrows. With the dept of muzzle and lips placed gradually, this made Shiba's head got an appropriate proportion of structure. This illustration includes the clearly examination of middle-sized dog's skull and how the dog in this particular species looks like. There are Maxilla, Cranium, and Orbit that are visibly seen on left hand side, which was the skull illustration. This species of dog are apparently playful. Therefore, the illustration also express cheerfulness, elation, and aliveness inside the Shiba's eyes.

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: digital painting
Inteligencia artificial: No 
Tamaño: 21*29.7 cm
Año: 2023