Sasasroung Sripilaipong - A mammoth shoving some snow

Name and surname: Sasasroung Sripilaipong

Country: Thailand

Title: A mammoth shoving some snow - Mammoth

Description: I have an interest about the ancient lives and extinct animals for a while. Mammoth is one of the most well-known ice aged animals to be known to mankind. They're the relative to everyday animals we calls elephants these days. Their extinction is presumably due to the end of ice age as their appearance of being woolly become unnecessary and obstacle to the fast changed weather.

Not much of an image of mammoth could be found due to their extinction, so we could only predict their manner when they were alive from their fossil only, or from their common relatives as elephants that still live on these days.

Category: Nature illustration

Technique: Digital Painting
Artificial intelligence: Sí 
Size: 1183×837
Year: 2023