Tathiana Gosaric de Barros - Nasua nasua

Nombre y apellidos: Tathiana Gosaric de Barros
Web: https://gosaricilustra.wixsite.com/pontilhismo

Redes sociales: Instagram: @gosaric.ilustra

País: Brazil 

Título: Nasua nasua - Coati (Nasua nasua)

Descripción: The word coati, which is the popular name for mammals of the genus Nasua, comes from the Tupiguarani language and means "one who puts his snout in holes, scavenger", referring to the species' habit of rooting in crevices and holes with its movable snout.
It has small ears, a black, thin and elongated muzzle with a very flexible end, and white spots on the face and around the eyes.
Podem ser considerados importantes para a dispersão de sementes e regeneração florestal.
The coati is considered a vulnerable species by the MMA (Brazilian List of Endangered Fauna Species).

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnica: Scratchboard
Inteligencia artificial: No  
Tamaño: A4 (21 x 29,7)
Año: 2023