Treeroj Sooriprasert - Megalodon

Nombre y apellidos: Treeroj Sooriprasert

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País: Thailand 

Título: Megalodon - Otodontidae

Descripción: I created the illustration of the Megalodon, the extinct specie of otodus megalodons, which is the specie of giant sharks in the ancient age after the extinction of dinosaurs. They lived under deep oceans around the Earth, proven by the remains fossils of their human hand-sized teeth around the world. The approximate size of the megalodon is around 18-22 meters long, but the exact average size is uncertain due to the number of fossils that were collected, which the completed fossil are very few in the world. They are assumed to be more aggressive and dangerous than nowadays sharks because of the amount of food they need for themselves and in order to keep them alive from starvation, as big fish they need as much food as they can find so they will eat every living thing in front of their

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnica: Digital Drawing
Inteligencia artificial: No never
Tamaño: 3000*4000 px
Año: 2023