Sanja Žagar - Common Kingfisher: the Treasure of the Freshwater Habitats

Nombre y apellidos: Sanja Žagar

País: Slovenia


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Título de la obra: Common Kingfisher: the Treasure of the Freshwater Habitats

Especie o elemento: Alcedo atthis

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnicas utilizadas: watercolour, white gouache and coloured pencils

¿Has utilizado algún programa de inteligencia artificial?: No

Describe para qué lo has usado: When writing the text about Alcedo atthis for this particular application, I used Chat GPT for research, which helped me to write the final description myself. Other than that I used no artificial intelligence programs to create the artwork; the illustration was done entirely by hand in watercolor, gouache and colored pencils, based on extensive research of visual materials.

Tamaño: 297 x 210 mm

Año de creación: 2023

Descripción: Commonly known as the Common Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis is a small, striking bird found along freshwater habitats such as rivers, streams and lakeshores throughout Europe and Asia. It is easily recognizable by its azure-blue feathers, contrasting orange breast and dagger-like beak, which is used to catch prey. It waits patiently on overhanging branches or poles, then dives with incredible speed and accuracy to catch fish, insects and crustaceans underwater. It builds its nests in burrows along riverbanks, often excavating burrows in the soft soil. Despite being small, these beautiful birds play an important role in maintaining the balance of their ecosystem by controlling the fish population, making its conservation crucial for biodiversity conservation and for future generations.