Ana Maria Correia Moço - Pyracantha coccinea (Piracanta)

Nombre y apellidos: Ana Maria Correia Moço

País: Portugal

Redes sociales:

Título de la obra: Pyracantha coccinea (Piracanta)

Especie o elemento: Planta

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnicas utilizadas: Grafite

Inteligencia artificial: No. No

Tamaño: 21×29,7cm

Año de creación: 2024

Descripción: Pyracantha coccinea (common name Piracanta) is a wild shrub that originates from Asia and Europe, although nowadays it can be found in several places around the world. This small shrub is characterized by its small, round red fruit, its pointed green leaves and its white flower (when the bush is young). I chose to draw this plant for my scientific drawing class project because i used to see it a lot while growing up in Portugal, so, I imagined that I would have so much fun drawing it, which I did!