Anastasia Bybina - A close-up of the branch and the female cone of the scots pine tree

Nombre y apellidos: Anastasia Bybina

País: Russia


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Título de la obra: A close-up of the branch and the female cone of the scots pine tree

Especie o elemento: Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnicas utilizadas: Mixed media (watercolor, digital editing)

Inteligencia artificial: No. 

Tamaño: 4092×2893

Año de creación: 2024

Descripción: This illustration demonstrates a close-up of a branch of Scots pine and its female cone in two stages of development, allowing to observe the structure and characteristics of scots pine that distinguish it from other coniferous plants in detail, such as long sharp needles growing two needles from a stalk, which is beneficial for survival of the species in cold climates. Epicuticular wax coating which causes the bluish-green color, protects the plant from the ultraviolet rays' damage, prevents insect crawling and has hydrophobic properties. The bark is reddish, covered with tightly adjacent scales.
The illustration can be used as a visual material for nature studying, as well as in scientific research of botany.
This illustration was created not only out of artistic interest in the beauty of gymnosperms, but also designed to draw attention to the highly relevant problem of preserving and protecting the forests of Eurasia.