Demi Bucklow - The Paper Nautilus

Nombre y apellidos: Demi Bucklow

País: South Africa


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Título de la obra: The Paper Nautilus

Especie o elemento: Octopus

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnicas utilizadas: Pointillism, watercolour,

Inteligencia artificial: No. No

Tamaño: 297 x 210mm

Año de creación: 2023

Descripción: A female Argonaut nestled and attached to her shell.
The Argonaut — Also known as the 'paper nautilus', this little octopus is an incredible animal with three hearts, two gills and eight arms.

Artistic practice and performance presents the ability to communicate a vision. It is through techniques of pointillism and realism that form and substance are explored as a metaphor for matter. This is demonstrated by superimposing thousands of tiny marks and points until an image is revealed before our eyes.
I'm a freelance artist, writer and photographer living in Cape Town, South Africa.
Since graduating from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2018 with a degree in fine art photography, I currently work as a freelance artist and illustrator, as well as a part-time writer and content creator.

My creative interests explore a range of multimedia illustration, photography, videography, darkroom processes, sculptural collage art, and stop-motion animation. I find most of my inspiration from anything analog, as well as my local environment; the ocean, nature and where we exist within all of it.