Marianna Bruno - A symbiotic beauty

Nombre y apellidos: Marianna Bruno

País: Italia


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Título de la obra: A symbiotic beauty

Especie o elemento: Lichens

Categoría: Ilustración científica

Técnicas utilizadas: Gouache

Inteligencia artificial: No.

Tamaño: 4961×7016 pixel

Año de creación: 2024

Descripción: Lichens are symbiotic organisms, a cooperation between two organisms that provide survival of both. In the case of lichens, the symbiosis takes place between a fungus, heterotrophic, which absorbs water and mineral salts, and an algae, autotrophic, which is capable of absorbing water and mineral salts. The fungus is furthermore able to build a structure, called a thallus, that can provide support for the algae (1).
A lichen reproduces by spores produced by the fungus (2) that develop when it finds favourable environment and an algae with which to start symbiosis, or by fungal hyphae and algae produced by special organs called soredia and isidia.
There are different types of lichens (4) – fruticose, foliose, crustose, squamulose – and thanks to symbiosis, the lichen is able to survive extreme weather conditions. However, these organisms are extremely sensitive to air pollution: their presence, therefore, is to be considered an indicator of good air quality.