Nadya Krutykh - Swifts

Nombre y apellidos: Nadya Krutykh

País: Russian Federation

Web: none

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Título de la obra: Swifts

Especie o elemento: Swifts

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnicas utilizadas: Color pencils

Inteligencia artificial: No. 

Tamaño: 21x29sm

Año de creación: 2024

Descripción: Illustration of a flock of swifts – 1 of 15 illustrations for a book about birds living strictly in one of the neighborhoods of my city (Moscow). All illustrations are supplemented with clear and fascinating facts about the life of these birds. For example, did you know that swifts do not know how to take off from the ground? They need a springboard or a hill to fly! The purpose of the book is to tell people about the habits and characteristics of the birds of their neighborhood, because I believe that we can truly love only what we know and understand well. And love for nature (and for one's country) begins not with slogans, but with small things. First you need to know and love the nature of your street, your neighborhood, at least to see one small bird, and then you can love the whole country.