Rohini . T - Popcorn cat

Nombre y apellidos: Rohini . T

País: India

Título de la obra: Popcorn cat

Especie o elemento: Arctictis Binturong

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnicas utilizadas: Pencil and digital (mixed )

Inteligencia artificial: No. None

Tamaño: None

Año de creación: 2024

Descripción: A bear or a cat? It might even resemble a raccoon without its mask and signature bands. A Binturong also known as the Bearcat is a partially blind species that relies in its sense of smells, and smells like buttered popcorn. Binturongs are tree dwelling creatures ( mostly known to help in the germination of a strangled fig trees) with short stout paws with sharp nails and a long prehensile tail to help navigate its lengthy heavy body with thick coarse black hair and thick white whiskers with a muzzle that is short and pointed . They are omnivorous and are nocturnal in nature. Their gait appear to be similar to a bears walk cycle.
The binturongs are an endangered species from South East Asia.