Vannie Gama - Guaraná


Nombre y apellidos: Vannie Gama

País: Brasil


Redes sociales:

Título de la obra: Guaraná

Especie o elemento: Paullinia cupana

Categoría: Ilustración naturalista

Técnicas utilizadas: Watercolor

Inteligencia artificial: Sí. 

Tamaño: A4

Año de creación: 2023

Descripción: Paullinia cupana or ''Guaraná'' is a Brazilian Amazonian fruit, and was initially consumed by the indigenous population since the country's ancient civilizations – and the plant has legends from Sateré Maué people.
Its fruits resemble small open eyes and its seeds (''the pupils'') have medicinal and energetic purposes. Its conservation is fundamental to Brazil's culture and environment. This naturalistic representation was made by hand in watercolor. Guaraná grows on small bushes with tall, numerous branches, and its size is similar to a grape. When the fruits are not ripe, the eyes ''remain closed''. Its flowers are small and yellowish and give way to small Guaraná eyes.